Return Policy


Establish the conditions and terms of security and confidentiality through which the personal data of the CLIENTS is collected, protected, deleted and used, establishing guidelines so that the owners of the data can exercise the rights established under the laws that regulate the personal data protection.

It includes and applies to all the support, commercial and administrative processes of MÁ MATERNITY. where personal data or information of the CLIENT are registered.


Management, Marketing Director, Web Master and marketing assistants will be responsible for ensuring the security and correct use of the personal data of MÁ MATERNITY CLIENTS.


  1. Law 1581 of 2012
  2. Article 10 of Decree 1377 of 2013


To carry out the sales process, MÁ MATERNITY needs to obtain the following information from customers:

  • Full names
  • Full surnames
  • Identification document number
  • Number of the citizenship card for those of legal age
  • Passport number or immigration card for foreign population
  • Date of birth
  • Residence address
  • City of residence
  • Contact cell number
  • Email
  • Gender

MÁ MATERNITY only records and preserves the data or any information of the CLIENT as long as it is provided voluntarily.

Other cases in which the client's information is registered and kept on a voluntary basis are:

  • Claims
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Request for information by the client through social networks, digital contact forms on the website and email
  • Registration through forms on social networks (Facebook and Instagram)


 Databases with personal information clients:



  • Email
  • Website or Contact Form
  • Mobile line
  • Point of sale service lines
  • WhatsApp
  • Social Networks (Facebook and Instagram)

 Databases with personal information: 1


All digital data is kept in the cloud and the backup server of the website.


MÁ MATERNITY only uses the information provided by clients for the following activities:

  • Launch of new collections
  • Communication campaigns to report news, promotions, topics of interest and commercial strategies

The information kept by MÁ MATERNITY will not be shared with any unauthorized natural or legal third party, in accordance with current legislation and jurisprudence; however, information may be shared or provided with the judicial or administrative authorities that, in exercise of their legal powers, request it or with health authorities.


It is prohibited for all workers, direct and indirect collaborators the disclosure of data, which according to the National Constitution of Colombia, are considered as sensitive, such as political preference, union affiliation, racial and ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religious convictions, biometric data or health, etc.; which are subject to reserve and confidentiality.

The data that customers provide will never be published on publicly accessible internet sites, or in any other mass communication media.

The policies and procedures contained in this manual apply to the databases managed by MÁ MATERNIITY, the validity of which will last for as long as MÁ MATERNITY develops its corporate purpose.


If the CLIENT does not agree with MÁ MATERNITY using or sharing their personal information for the purposes previously described in the policy, they must express it through an email to


The CLIENT can update the data by sending an email to, at the points of sale or through data update forms.


MÁ MATERNITY has the technological support and the ideal human resource that allows it to guarantee its CLIENTS that the information stored on the MÁ MATERNITY platform complies with quality and control standards that prevent unauthorized access by third parties to this information thus guaranteeing absolute confidentiality.


MÁ MATERNITY can make modifications and changes to this policy at any time and will notify you through the website


Rights of data owners: The owner of personal data will have the right to:

  1. Know, update and rectify your personal data in front of those responsible and in charge of the treatment. This right may be exercised, among others, against partial, inaccurate, incomplete, fractioned, misleading data, or those whose treatment is expressly prohibited or has not been authorized.
  2. Request proof of the authorization granted to the person responsible for the treatment except when expressly excepted as a requirement for the treatment in accordance with the provisions of article 10 of this law.
  3. Be informed by the person in charge or in charge of the treatment, upon request, regarding the use that has been given to your personal data.
  4. Present before the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce, complaints for infractions to the provisions of this law and the other regulations that modify, add or complement it once the consultation or claim process has been exhausted before the Responsible for Treatment.
  5. Revoke the authorization and / or request the deletion of the data when the principles, rights and legal constitutional guarantees are not respected in the treatment. The revocation and / or deletion will proceed when the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce has determined that in the treatment the person in charge or the person in charge has incurred in conduct contrary to the law and the constitution.
  6. Free access to your personal data that have been processed.


MÁ MATERNITY will keep in mind, at all times, that personal data are the property of the people to whom they refer and that only they can decide on them. In this sense, it will use them only for those purposes for which it is duly empowered, and in any case respecting Law 1581 of 2012 on the protection of personal data.

In accordance with the provisions of article 17 of Law 1581 of 2012, MÁ MATERNITY undertakes to permanently comply with the following duties in relation to the processing of personal data:

  1. Guarantee the Holder, at all times, the full and effective exercise of the right to habeas data.
  2. Keep the information under the necessary security conditions to prevent its adulteration, loss, consultation, use or unauthorized or fraudulent access.
  3. Carry out in a timely manner, this is in the terms provided in articles 14 and 15 of Law 1581 of 2012, the updating, rectification or deletion of the data.
  4. Process the queries and claims made by the Holders in the terms indicated in article 14 of Law 1581 of 2012.
  5. Insert in the database the legend "information in judicial discussion" once notified by the competent authority about judicial processes related to the quality or details of the personal data.
  6. Refrain from circulating information that is being controversial by the Holder and whose blocking has been ordered by the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce.
  7. Allow access to information only to people who can have access to it.
  8. Inform the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce when there are violations of the security codes and there are risks in the administration of the information of the Holders.
  9. Comply with the instructions and requirements issued by SUPERSALUD, the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.


MÁ MATERNITY will guarantee the right of consultation, providing its clients with all the information contained in the individual record or that is linked to the identification of the Holder.

For the attention of requests for consultation of personal data, MÁ MATERNITY guarantees:

  1. Enable electronic means of communication or others that it considers pertinent. For this purpose, it makes available to clients the email address
  2. Establish forms, systems and other simplified methods, which must be informed in the privacy notice.
  3. Use the customer service or claims services that you have in operation. In any case, regardless of the mechanism implemented to attend to consultation requests, they will be attended to within a maximum term of ten (10) business days from the date of receipt. When it is not possible to attend the query within said term, the interested party will be informed before the expiration of 10 days, stating the reasons for the delay and indicating the date on which the query will be attended, which in no case may exceed five (5) business days following the expiration of the first term.


In accordance with the provisions of article 14 of Law 1581 of 2012, the Holder or his successors in title who consider that the information contained in a database should be subject to correction, updating or deletion, or when they notice the alleged breach of any of the duties contained in Law 1581 of 2012, they may file a claim with the Data Controller, which will be processed under the following rules:

  1. If the claim received does not have complete information that allows it to be processed, that is, with the identification of the Holder, the description of the facts that give rise to the claim, the address, and accompanying the documents that you want to enforce, the interested party within five (5) days of receipt to correct the faults. After two (2) months from the date of the request without the applicant submitting the required information, it will be understood that the claim has been withdrawn. If, for any reason, MÁ MATERNITY receives a claim that should not really be directed against it, it will transfer it to the corresponding person within a maximum term of two (2) business days and will inform the interested party of the situation.
  2. Once the complete claim is received, a legend that says, "claim in process" and the reason for it will be included in the database maintained by MÁ MATERNITY, within a term not exceeding two (2) business days. Said legend must be kept until the claim is decided.
  3. The maximum term to attend the claim will be fifteen (15) business days from the day following the date of receipt. When it is not possible to attend to it within said term, the interested party will be informed before the expiration of the aforementioned period of the reasons for the delay and the date on which their claim will be attended, which in no case may exceed eight (8) business days following the expiration of the first term.


At any time and free of charge, clients may request MÁ MATERNITY to rectify, update or delete their personal data, after proof of their identity. The rights of rectification, updating or deletion can only be exercised by:

  • The owner or his successors in title, after proof of their identity, or through electronic instruments that allow them to identify themselves.
  • Your representative, after accreditation of the representation. When the request is made by a person other than the owner and it is not proven that it acts on his behalf, it will be deemed not submitted. The request for rectification, update or deletion must be submitted through the means enabled by MÁ MATERNITY indicated in the privacy notice and contain, at least, the following information:
    1. The name and address of the owner or any other means to receive the answer
    2. The documents that prove the identity or personality of his representative.
    3. The clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which the owner seeks to exercise any of the rights.
    4. In case of other elements or documents that facilitate the location of personal data.


The owner has the right, at all times, to request MÁ MATERNITY to delete (delete) their personal data when:

  1. Consider that they are not being treated in accordance with the principles, duties and obligations provided in Law 1581 of 2012.
  2. They are no longer necessary or relevant for the purpose for which they were collected.
  3. The period necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes for which they were collected has been exceeded.

This deletion implies the total or partial elimination of personal information in accordance with what is requested by the owner in the records, files, databases or treatments carried out by MÁ MATERNITY. It is important to bear in mind that the right of cancellation is not absolute and the person in charge can deny the exercise of it when:

  1. Requests to delete the information will not proceed when the owner has a legal or contractual duty to remain in the database.
  2. The elimination of data hinders judicial or administrative actions related to tax obligations, the investigation and prosecution of crimes or the updating of administrative sanctions.
  3. The data is necessary to protect the legally protected interests of the owner; to carry out an action based on the public interest, or to comply with an obligation legally acquired by the owner.

If the cancellation of personal data is appropriate, MÁ MATERNITY must carry out the deletion in such a way that the deletion does not allow the recovery of the information.


The holders of personal data can revoke their consent to the processing of their personal data at any time, as long as it is not prevented by a legal provision. For this, MÁ MATERNITY must establish simple and free mechanisms that allow the holder to revoke his consent, at least by the same means by which he granted it.

It should be taken into account that there are two modes in which the revocation of consent can be given. The first may be for all the consented purposes, that is, that MÁ MATERNITY must completely stop processing the data of the owner; the second can occur on specific types of treatment, such as for advertising or market research purposes. With the second modality, that is, the partial revocation of consent, other purposes of the processing that the person in charge, in accordance with the authorization granted, can carry out and with which the owner agrees are kept safe.

Therefore, it will be necessary for the owner at the time to raise the request for revocation of consent to MÁ MATERNITY, indicate in it if the revocation that he intends to carry out is total or partial. In the second hypothesis, it must be indicated with which treatment the owner is not satisfied. There will be cases in which the consent, due to its necessary nature in the relationship between the owner and the person responsible for the fulfillment of a contract, by legal provision cannot be revoked.

The mechanisms or procedures that MÁ MATERNITY establishes to respond to requests for revocation of consent may not exceed the terms provided to address claims as indicated in article 15 of Law 1581 of 2012.


Identification of the person in charge of the registration and processing of personal data:

MÁ MATERNITY. It is a private company. NIT: 805.017.550-0 located at Carrera 37 No. 10 - 303 Office A5 Building No.2, 2nd floor, in the city of Cali. Email:, website .


In accordance with law 1581 of 2012 and article 10 of decree 1377 of 2013, MÁ MATERNTIY asks all its clients in general for their consent to continue treating the registration data for the purposes stipulated in its privacy policy and use of personal data information that can be consulted on our website

For the holders who consider that the company should not use or share their personal information for the purposes described in the policy, they must state it in writing to the email

In case of not receiving any observation within thirty days following the publication of this request, we will understand that we are authorized to continue with the registration, treatment and use of them, in the terms indicated in this policy and for the indicated purposes, without prejudice to the right of the owners to require us at any time to delete the data in accordance with the law.